Friday, February 12, 2010

Remember when we all lived in a van in that Pathmark parking lot? When we used to light shopping carts on fire and leave them in the middle of Oregon Avenue? When we drank gallon jugs of Bankers Club Gin for breakfast and got in food fights at the Chinese Buffet every day at lunch? By dinner we'd be so drunk we would just stand out front of the Pizza Hut yelling "STUFFED CRUST!!!" over and over until they fed us free food? When we devolved into chimpanzees and beat passers-by with rolls of wrapping paper we stole from the dollar store? When we dressed in the skins of wild animals and painted our faces with the blood of our enemies? When we chanted the names of the Elder Gods until they rose from the sea and forced us to breed with jellyfish? When our poisonous spawn ran wild throughout the land and sprayed their caustic venom at anything with a vertebrae and the streets ran red with blood? When the black sky itself would open it's drooling mouth and laugh with joy at the things we did?

What the hell happened to you?

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punkymama said...

I have these thoughts when in my little SUV with two kids and ponder who was that person and where did she go.