Friday, October 31, 2008

The Broad Street Piñata

Sunday, they will be blasting open the worlds largest piñata all over Broad & Washington.

Okay, here's how I see this going....

They lift the piñata high up above the street. Half the kids from west of Broad Street haven't eaten all day. You can see it in their eyes as they stare ravenously at the giant, teasing monstrosity of sugar.

The piñata falls and breaks onto the street. Candy billows out, showering the waiting crowd.

The children descend, but they aren't children anymore. They rip each other to pieces, trying to grab every last necco wafer. At least 500 need to be identified by dental records. None of the kids from west of Broad Street have ever been to a dentist.

Election day comes two days later. Most people in the city are too grief-stricken to remember to vote.

McCain takes Pennsylvania by a narrow margin, giving him just enough electoral votes to win.

China, North Korea, Iran and most of Europe declare pre-emptive wars against the United States, rather than wait for McCain to start wars with them.

McCain, unable to take the pressure, OD's on some of his wife's barbiturates.

Dick Cheney comes out of hibernation to groom Sarah Palin for her new job.

A new Dark Age is born.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I took a walk Saturday night. Walked from 10th Street, down South to Penns Landing, over to Old City, back up past Broad, and back down to 8th & Fitzwater. I had spent most of the day with some people who I care about a lot, and wish I saw much more often. I was walking with two of them that night.

Sometimes, when you walk around the City, and have no particular destination or goal in mind, things become clearer and more magical. The ritual of aimless walking had transformed the City into an enchanted snowglobe. A Looking Glass fantasy. I would not have been surprised to see a pumpkin coach being pulled by unicorns and driven by a large caterpillar. The buildings and cars were sleek and timeless. Everything had more texture. Each crack in the sidewalk meant something. Each person was in the midst of an important supernatural event. And it was all there for us.

The whole City was happening just for us.

With the right group of people, wonderful and extraordinary things happen. Cities become more beautiful, children become adults, and adults become children.

Make things new.

Rock, N