Friday, September 05, 2008

This much is true.

It had all gone bad while we slept. Some real ugly characters had decided to move in the squat. Kids messing with forces they did not understand. The place had become a magnet for bad ideas. Some damned fool had brought a copy of The Necronomicon into the house. He had read aloud from it one night. Things went rapidly downhill from there. The air was full of dangling question marks. We weren't going to wait around for the answers. It was a good time to be somewhere else. We would go south. On the trains. We waited for the evening, when the oppressive heat had lifted slightly. Then we started for the tracks. It was Jack Rabbit, Paradox, and I. We told no one of our flight.

So, on we went from bad to worse, with no knowledge of what monstrosities lay ahead. We cleared our minds as we walked.

Finally, we came to the tracks. We walked along them carefully. We were too close to make mistakes now.

Soon, we heard a train. Far down the tracks, we could see it’s light. The tracks shook as it approached. We ducked down behind a metal wall about ten feet from the tracks, to hide from the train operator as it passed us. After the front car got far enough down the tracks we started to run along the side of the train looking for a good car to hop on. We ran about a hundred yards or so, when the train began to slow to a stop. We kept running, looking for a car.

Then, the train started to back up. Something was wrong. The train was backing up. We made a mad dash to hide behind that wall again. We didn't want the train crew to see us. We hid silently as the train kept backing up. The ground shook.

The train stopped. We heard the sound of doors opening. Something was coming out of the train. We heard slushing and gurgling noises. We waited for death, or worse.

Then nothing.


It was Paradox who first stood up to look. The train was gone. It had completely vanished. Rabbit and I were still sitting behind the metal wall looking up at Paradox when a bolt of lightning stretched across the air about an arms length over Paradox’s head. Sheet lightning was striking all around the tracks, all around us. Paradox shrieked in terror. Then came the rain. Hard rain.

We ran. We ran for miles. The rain was shredding our clothes. Every drop of rain felt like a rock being thrown with great force. We were bleeding from the rain. Lightning continued to follow us, close at our heels. We couldn’t hear our own screams. We finally made it to an old squat on 34th & Spring Garden St. We hurried inside, found some candles, lit them and shook like fever victims. There we huddled together, wrapped our wounds in our shredded clothing. We had large bruises from the force of the rain. Paradox’s hair was burnt from lightning. We spoke little.


Love and Peace said...

Good lord.

I just realized. We didn't actually see where the lightning came from. Do you think it is possible that the sheet lightning actually came from Paradox himself?

The thing I remember best is that we had prepared ourselves by bringing snacks. Mixed nuts I think.

neb said...

My god. That's a possibility I've never considered. I always thought of the lightning as a threat. It's possible that the lightning was the only reason we survived.

Do you realize that soon after that, you two moved out west? That may be the last thing the three of us did together as Philadelphia citizens.

sarah said...
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villainess said...

hey babe its your sis S. why do i find it hard to imagine you guys running for miles anywhere? Something smells funny...

Love and Peace said...

Um, yea. We were a lot younger and a lot skinnier then. Don't rub it in.

neb said...

No shit.