Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I was at the pharmacy yesterday waiting for them to fill a prescription. This old lady, who was also waiting, was walking around doing palm readings for people. She was well into her eighties, wearing a blonde wig, a fake fur coat and poorly fitted false teeth. She had a heavy smell of inexpensive perfume. Her skin was wrinkled and tan, like a catchers mitt. She went from person to person, correctly identifying each person’s astrological sign, and telling them a little bit of vague information about their present and future. She told one girl to dump her unemployed boyfriend. She told another guy how many kids he had, and which ones to keep an eye on.

She came over to me and took my hand. Then she looked at my face.

“You’re fucked,” she said.

I was a little surprised, and the others in the waiting area looked a little stunned as well. I said “I kind of figured I was.”

She said “Sorry, you’re a very nice man, a Pisces, right?”

I nodded.

“Yeah, you’re a nice man, but you’re fucked.”

I shrugged and said “Well, thanks for telling me anyway.”

She smiled and said “At least now you know.”

Then she paid for her prescription and left.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Me and a friend were watching TV last week and we were flipping through the channels. We stopped on channel 35 WYBE for a minute. There was a couple of stoned hip hop dudes with a magic paper bag. We didn't know it at the time, but we were watching a really brilliantly funny short film called Careful What You Axe For. There followed a few other of writer/director Shannon Newby's short films mostly taking place in or around a coffee shop at 68th & Ogontz. I Googled her and found this site:


I checked on Youtube and couldn't find any of her stuff, but here is a clip from one of the short films.


I really want to see the rest and I definitely plan on keeping up with the show Heavy Sedation where they play her stuff. It's on Tuesdays at 9pm and Saturdays at 11pm on WYBE channel 35.